Utilize this diagram to help explain when and where the Plague first appeared in Western Europe? What was its origin? essay What caused it to be so dangerous? (3 pts.) 7. But , with these 6 amazing strategies for studying History, you’ll will not be worried! What was the method by which the bubonic plague passed from person to person? Define the symptoms and stages. (4 pts.) Written by India Today Web Desk : The fact that exams for board certification require a lot of grit and determination to be successful is a thing of past. DOCUMENT C: 8. We live in a world of connectivity in which there are a myriad of information available to guide you. What year did the plague first reach Paris?

What was the time frame prior to the spread of it across other regions in the northern France as well as southern Germany? Which cities/regions were not affected? (3 pts.) Document D: The death of the king started in Siena in the month of May (1348). The ability to think strategically is crucial to passing the examination. It was a brutal and terrible thing to witness.

Every subject has their own set of issues, History is dreaded by the majority of students due to its vast syllabus and an abundance of facts. I don’t know how to begin telling about the brutality and cruel ways. However, don’t fret, there are some fantastic History-related techniques you can apply to get history at your desk. The general consensus was that people were awed witnessing the agony. 1. It is difficult for human beings to describe the terrible event.

Color the pages of your History book. Anyone who didn’t witness such horrors is considered to be blessed. Use a highlighter that is neon yellow or select a vibrant bright orange or pink to highlight the key dates and dates. The victims perished quickly.

Color every significant detail as you find the information and keep it in different colors. They would get swollen under their armpits , and into their groins and then collapse dead in the middle of a conversation. This will assist you when you’re finally ready for your boards. Fathers abandoned children, wives husband, one brother a different because this disease appeared to be affecting air and the sight. Therefore, instead of having to go through the entire content that the publication contains, it are able to easily edit the information contained in the book. They passed away. 2. There was no one to inter the dead for money or for friendship.

Include dog-ears as well as annotations in various chapters. Household members buried their deceased to the grave in the best way they could, without a priest, and without any sacred office. Make footnotes and annotations on your text materials and then doggy-ear the pages that are important. The death bell did not sound.

You could also write the summary or chapter summary in a bullet format on a flashcard, or flip the page’s corner to reveal the important pages to create the dog-ear. In many areas of Siena huge pits were dug, and then piled deep with the countless dead. They help improve memory and make learning more easy.

They died in hundreds every at night and day and were all tossed into the ditches and buried with dirt. This will aid you to make more rapid revisions. As soon as the ditches were full, more were dug. 3. Then I Agnolo di Tura, known as the Fat I laid my five children to rest by the help of my hands. Create timelines and charts that connect events. There were others who were so sloppy covered in earth that dogs carried them out and ate a lot of bodies across the city.

Every single chapter of the textbook is packed with dates and dates. There was not a single person who wept over any death, as everyone were waiting for death. Learning them is a daunting task. There were so many who were killed that everyone believed they were the last of humanity. Instead of learning about different instances separately, develop a consolidated timeline of all the events that took place.

There was no medicine or other means of defense was available… Making connections between different portions of text helps highlight a point or simplify things. The situation continued to be a problem until September and it would take far too time to write about the situation. Make flowcharts, family tree and outline sheets to provide an eye-to-eye view all the syllabus. integrate all the material together.

It is discovered that in the year 2000, there were in Siena 36,000 people who were aged twenty or less, as well as older and others diedin a total of 52,000 people within Siena… 4. Siena was a city that Siena was almost deserted, as there was hardly anyone within the city. Look for visual clues. Then, as the plague was gone, everyone survivors gave themselves to pleasures: monks nuns, priests, and even lay people and women were all enjoying themselves and no one was worried about gambling or spending. The visual clues that you associate with things help them to be remembered. Everyone believed that they were rich since he had escaped and returned to the world, and nobody was able to figure out how to get 9. Instead of relying solely on rote learning Utilize the ocular clues.

Utilizing HIPP analysis, refer to the above document. (4 pts.) Mind maps can be very beneficial when trying to comprehend all of this information at a glance . 10. It can also be helpful when you’re preparing on a test. What was the method by which how was the Plague treated? What strategies were employed to stop the spread of the disease? Which ones proved to be the most efficient? (3 pts.) 11. These visual mnemonics assist in recalling facts and build connections with the facts that are lasting.

In relation to and in relation to the Black Death, why is Giovanni Boccaccio important? (1 pt.) Document E: Your brain makes more connections with the contents of the cues and can retain information quickly. 5. Research suggests that earlier mammograms for women who have a relatives with a history of breast cancer might not be necessary. Add historic videos.

A study published by the Journal of Cancer examines the guidelines on when to begin screening mammograms when a woman has an older sister, mother or daughter diagnosed with breast cancer.



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